Tyre Recycling


The Federal government in consultation with the tyre sector of the Automotive Industry recently implemented Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) to manage the growing issue of used tyres in Australia.  Whilst the issue of tyre recycling is a worldwide problem, Australia had until the introduction of TSA, fallen behind the rest of the world in dealing with the issue. 

 Plans to better manage Australia’s used tyre processes have moved forward significantly with the implementation of TSA.  The Board of TSA has recently kicked off a wide range of audits on tyre collectors to ensure compliance with all relevant EPA legislation for the disposal of old tyres. 

 In addition, TSA will undertake pilot audits across a number of accredited retail outlets to ensure that tyres are not ‘leaking’ out of the system for illegitimate means (such as dumping and stockpiling).  Those activities will be supported by a data collection tool, also in pilot phase.  The tyre industry as a whole recognises that there is some way to go before all operators comply with relevant EPA legislation but TSA will be working with industry as a whole to raise the levels of compliance. 

“The audit and compliance work represent the ‘stick’, with the ‘carrot’ being the business opportunities opened up by the various accredited entities along the tyre supply-to-recycling chain working with each other; let alone the public recognition for doing the right thing,” according to Matt Genever, CEO of TSA.

 TSA‘s first step has been to appoint qualified external auditors, who will deliver site compliance and risk based audits.  The next step is to appoint an internal resource to manage and drive accreditation, audit and compliance within the scheme.  In addition TSA is developing an education and engagement strategy.

 Given that NSW has recently introduced licensing requirements associated with tyre handling & recycling and that Environmental Protection Agencies from around the country (including the NT) are putting more scrutiny onto the issue of used tyres, it is expected that the issue of illegal dumping will be significantly reduced by the end of 2016.

 Through its Greenstamp program MTA (NT) is well placed to help members wishing to implement a used tyre policy into their business that will comply with relevant EPA legislation.


Article from 23/11/15 edition

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